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Who we are

Here at ROC ACADEMY, we aim to partner with parents to create a homeschool educational experience that promotes spiritual maturity and academic excellence.

Our goal is to equip families with the environment, resources, and support needed to succeed in homeschooling.


We commit to raising up a generation that will seek and save the lost and be filled with the Holy Spirit to boldly further the gospel.

Our homeschool co-op supports parents in homeschooling their children while providing a hybrid learning environment for students from kindergarten to 5th grade. With certified teachers leading the way, we cover essential subjects like math, history, science, phonics, and penmanship, emphasizing Christian faith education.


Our co-op fosters social connections and friendships through organized activities, allowing children to experience the benefits of homeschooling with regular in-person interactions. We value parent involvement and provide resources for their active participation.

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